Ticket Factz Academy

You can beat it!

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Traffic tickets happen when we least expect it. It's best to be prepared than to scramble for a remedy later. How? Get the factz.

How do you get the Ticket Factz? Enroll in our Ticket Factz Academy, become a certified Pro Se Nation member, and never hire a lawyer again. Ticket Factz Academy is a 4-day training session.


In our Ticket Factz Academy, we will prepare you to defend yourself in any traffic case. Each attendee will receive a personal Traffic Packet for their case.   


How does it work?

Ticket Factz Academy

We tell everyone that, you need a paper trail when dealing with the courts. A verbal argument is just not enough. 


Traffic Packets come with up to four briefs for their court appearance. Once enrolled in Ticket Factz Academy, attendees will receive a Traffic Packet to cover them for one traffic violation. All Assurance plan subscribers qualify for courtesy Traffic Packet(s) per year as detailed in their subscription.


In Ticket Factz Academy, we'll break down each brief to make sure that you are equipped to present yourself when the time calls.  

Ticket Factz Academy is a 4-day traffic ticket self-defense workshop for those looking to take their ticket matters into their own hands. We have been training Californians and other brave Pro Per litigants across the country for over 10 years with a 96% dismissal rate.


Each session is 1 hour. You'll meet with the Ticket Coach once per week based on your schedule. We have group sessions available also.


The nature of the ticket doesn't matter. You can beat any traffic ticket if properly educated. That's where we come in. Enroll today!

What if we told you that you have a better chance at winning your traffic ticket case by defending yourself? We know, sounds impossible right?


Learning Traffic Ticket self-defense is like taking karate classes. You never know when you're going to need it, but when the bully shows up you'll be glad that you took the classes. 

Ticket Factz Academy (TFA) simplifies the process by providing proven methods of fighting a ticket in a way that's pallotable for common people. Get the facts about your ticket before 

get the factz now!

For the most efficient experience, please fill in the form below and your ticket coach will be in contact with the factz on your ticket soon.