Ticket Assurance Plans

  • Check Point

    Every month
    All year, help is there
    • Court Dates
    • Ticket Coaching
    • Serice Discounts
  • TLC Plan

    Every month
    Get TLC assured!
    • Ticket & License Coaching
    • Court Date
    • Court Scripts
    • Service Discounts
    • Live Events
  • Reinstatement Plan

    Every month
    Relax its all covered
    Valid for 6 months
    • 2 Tickets
    • License Reinstatement
    • Hearing Assistance
    • Ticket Coaching
    • Plea Prep
  • Fight It Plan

    Every month
    Fight your ticket with Clarity
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 1/2 Hours of Ticket Training
    • Doc Preparation
    • 2 Personal Coaching Sessions
    • Training Manual
    • 4 On Demand Training Videos
  • Ticket Facts Academy

    Infraction ticket training
    Valid for 3 months
    • Request for Verified Complaint
    • No Bail
    • Trial Discovery
    • Motion to Dismiss

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Benefit Breakdown

Service                         Description                                             T.A.P.

We assist with Infractions and Misdemeanors not related to drug or alcohol violations.

Available for All Plans

Our team will schedule court appearances for your case and fight for you to have your day in court.

Available for All Plans

Whether you are fighting a ticket or simply need to reinstate your license, we assist with the necessary forms, motions, and briefs necessary to tackle your case . We also supply court scripts to strengthen your presentations.

Available for All Plans

Get discounts on continued services like Traffic Packets, Ticket Factz Academy, additional License Reinstatements, and monthly workshops.

Available for All Plans

Tickets happen when we least expect it. Our Ticket coaching serice provides you with 20 years of experience in the traffic ticket industry at your finger tip when ever you need it.

Available for All Plans

Our team will work with the DMV and the Courts to reinstate your license despite the suspension time frame or fine amounts within 3 - 30 days on a case by case basis.

Available for All Plans

Attend monthly workshops to help you understand how the traffic ticket system works and to arm yourself with knowledge.

Available for All Plans