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Our Ticket Coaches are Garrett Morgan Certified to assist  you!  

About us

Ca Ticket Masters was formed in 2009 with one mission in mind, to help people properly handle their ticket violation(s). Our founder, just like many of you, found himself with 5 traffic tickets and didn't have the slightest idea of what to do. He came across some information about how he could fight the traffic tickets and took it a step further. He then went to the Law library at USC in Downtown Los Angeles and studied this information until he came up with a winning recipe. He then went to court on each of his traffic tickets and they were all dismissed. That's when the light bulb went off. 

Our founder felt this information shouldn't be locked away and kept to himself. He knew that there were many others suffering from expensive traffic fines that can't afford pricey lawyers, that needed this information. Therefore, when the crash of 2008 hit, and he lost his Job, he thought it was the perfect time to start helping others and Ca Ticket Masters was born!

Our vision

Our mission is to help people make sense of the procedures necessary to process and fight their traffic ticket. We also understand that there may be people out there that may have discovered our services after their fines have doubled and tripled or their driver license has been suspended because of their traffic ticket(s). Since our start in 2009, we have developed multiple service methods to assist those in search of solutions to their traffic ticket concerns for any given traffic issue.


We hold extensive training sessions, workshops, and coaching plans that have provided 96% of our supporters with dismissals in their case(s). Our License Reinstatement Service has reinstated 100% of our supporter's driver licenses. We provide document preparation workshops to prepare you in presenting yourself properly in court and to the court clerks. Our services simplify the process and take the stress away when dealing with any traffic ticket issue.  

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CTM needs good people that want to see others empowered with competence and live free of court debt. If this sounds like you, join the team today. Submit your resume below!

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