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Our Services


Live Training


Have you ever wondered why you weren't offered traffic school before you receive the ticket? Well, the steering wheels have turned. CTM educates 

drivers so that they can level the playing field and award them a 96%

chance of victory.   



Coaching Plans

You never know when you'll get a ticket. Would it be nice to know that if you did receive a ticket that you had someone with experience to guide you down the right road? Take advantage of your Monthly Coaching Plan   


Assurance Plans

Traffic tickets usually happens at the most inopportune times. Luckily CTM has Assurance Plans to ease your mind so that when ticket troubles appear

we are here.   

Taffic Stop 3.jpg

Help is there
when tickets flare

Allow us to take he wheel


What we offer at CTM

Traffic Ticket


If you want to contest a ticket, but you're not sure how. Our Ticket Coaches are not licensed attorneys, but we have coached 96% of our supporters to dismissal since we began in 2010.   

Drivers License


Is your Driver's Licence suspended because you failed to appear on a ticket? Our reinstatement services will assist you with reducing the fines, removing the hold, and reinstating your license all without stepping one foot in a courthouse.  



Knowing your rights has never been more important, then the times we are living in today. Adults and teen drivers alike can learn what their rights are and how to properly apply them during a traffic stop or during a court hearing?  

get the factz now!

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